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Tell me if this is your typical content writing process

You’re seated on a desk, thinking about what to write next. Then, a great idea pops into your mind.

You get onto Google and start researching. You open ten themed tabs on the focus topic.

Meanwhile, you access MS Word, in preparation to start writing. Then you spend the next 30 minutes trying to plan the perfect introduction. Because a good introduction will capture the attention of your readers.

Next, you jump into your main content. You try to organize the ideas that you’ve gathered from the little research you’ve done. In real sense you’re only but paraphrasing content from other articles.

Drop idea after idea with no real flow. Take breaks. Get back to writing. Take other breaks.

5 hours later your 2,500 word article is ready. Then you take a longer break, to have a meal. Once you’re done, you get back to your article, and start editing.

You optimize your content to ensure that it ranks high on Google. Add images, and include some internal and external links. Two hours later you click on the Publish button, and share on social media.

And when you’re done, you take the rest of the day off having accomplished your day goals. Then you spend your evening dreading the next day because you have to repeat the same process over again.

This sucks.

Worrying about content creation for a niche that you actually enjoy sucks. It is unproductive, you cannot produce enough content to reach your goals sooner.

You will hardly be consistency.

You have no clear vision of where you’re headed to, which means you’ll spot few opportunities to make money out of it.

And blogging will change from a hobby to something worse than a 9 to 5 job you hate.

Now what if you could produce 20,000 words per day which amounts to 5 pillar posts or 10 staple posts every single day. And each of these article is of high quality, enough to rank you as number one in Google.

What if you will have a consistent supply of content for an entire year. This means you’ll never have to waste time worrying about what to write next.

What if you could build your brand fast and become a master in your niche. Then get opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders and increase your income potential.

What if you could make blogging a full time job and have the freedom to do whatever else you want.

If you desire and of these fetes, then you are in the right place.

This is my focus. We both know content is king. It is thus the center of every strategy I’ll teach you.

Writers committed to produce high quality content are guaranteed to succeed in blogging.

Because Google ranks the best and the highest quality content on its search engine.

Now, to give you a taste of what we’re talking about here are some pieces to get started.

Stay tuned as I bring you the best techniques to increase your blogging productivity.

Also don’t mind to comment and engage with me, because that’s the only way I’ll know what you want.


El Gwaro