originality ai review

Originality AI Review: Plagiarism and AI-Generated Content Detector

With numerous AI models being launched and countless AI content generation tools flooding the market, some people would have thought writers are about to get replaced.  But then, no sooner had this new technology disrupted the industry than the critical importance of original human-curated content become clear.  And the launch of Originality.AI best demonstrates this … Read more

essential wordpress plugins

11 Most Essential WordPress Plugins Every Site Needs

You need a smoothly functioning website to succeed as a blogger. This means it has all the essential features to improve a reader’s experience and tools to deal with the challenges of having a site. Ideally, to have such a site must be expensive considering it needs to be well designed, have forms for collecting … Read more

conversational ai

How Conversational AI Can Help Brands Grow.

We’re in the third year of the global pandemic, and more than ever, customers expect firms to be more compassionate. It’s no surprise that brands have become more sensitive to shifting consumer preferences. Many B2C firms are investing in personalization tech to improve customer experience, but doing so at scale with millions of people is … Read more

ai in marketing statistics

35+ Top AI in Marketing Statistics in 2022

When the internet boomed in the mid-90s, businesses faced a challenging predicament. If they failed to embrace it, they’d miss its competitive advantage. Yet, it was a risk and no profitable returns were guaranteed. However, with time, the daily applications of the internet grew making it an indispensable tool for businesses. Today, we face the … Read more

can ai write better than humans

Can AI Write Better Than Humans?

AI content generation is common today. Companies as big as established media outlets such as the Guardian, to small online businesses run by bloggers, are supplementing their content writing systems with AI to publish more often.  So the question of whether AI can replace writers is not for discussion now. Clearly, it can. But whether … Read more

free ai content generator

9 Best Free AI Content Generators for Content Marketers

In need of a free AI content generator? Content creation is tedious. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing; it’s exhausting, especially if you haven’t built an effective writing process. The challenge is more real for bloggers and small enterprises with limited time and resources to create high-quality content consistently. You either spend an … Read more

ai content generator

What is AI Content Generator and Why You Urgently Need It

Are you looking for a way to produce content faster? An AI content generator might be the solution you need. The content marketing industry is extremely competitive today. Besides quality, content quantity matters even more. Your competitors will drown your brand with their content marketing campaigns if you don’t publish frequently. That’s why you have … Read more

5 c's of pricing

How to Implement The 5 C’s of Pricing in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, the power lies with the consumer, who is behind a screen interacting with your content and free of physical communication which is a powerful avenue for marketers to convince them. With the wrong strategies implemented, a marketer’s energy and efforts applied for months or years will be fruitless. But … Read more

social media buzzwords

Top 60 Social Media Buzzwords and What They Mean

Social Media has been around for two decades now and at this point, we all cannot imagine life without it. We use it so much that we can’t account for how much time it takes away from our days. Courtesy, marketers have ventured into social media marketing to bring their services and products to our … Read more