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Steps to Write a Blog Post

The 10 Steps to Write a Blog Post that Stands Out

Guess what you have been doing it all wrong.  If your blogging process has been sitting down researching, writing and editing at the same time, publishing content and sharing on social media just for one minute, then you have been doing it all wrong. Writing content and publishing great content is not as easy as … Read more

blogging productivity

3 Surefire Strategies to Improve Blogging Productivity

Success in blogging requires a simple principle that applies everywhere. And that’s working smart.  Working smart involves directing most effort into the strategies and how you use your time. It is more concerned about the quality of work that you produce, rather than the number of blog posts you publish. This means, strategies and systems … Read more

Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

An Easy Process to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas Anytime

Today you’ll learn about an effective process to brainstorm blog post ideas for your blog.  Many writers reach a point in time when they lack ideas and topics to write about.  So they sit on their desks for hours wondering and aimlessly searching on the internet to come up with ideas. If they’re lucky they … Read more

blog post structure design

Create a Blog Post Structure Based on These 4 Factors

Do you know why your writing has not improved?   Do you know what’s behind your boring blog writing that is not generating any views?   Well, maybe you have been focusing on the wrong things.   You’ve read from writing gurus on the internet that you need to do a lot of practice in order to become … Read more

Writing Viral Blog Posts

3 Easy Elements You Must Include to Write Viral Blog Posts

Writing viral blog posts is not an easy task.  Today with the endless sea of content all seeking attention from the focus deprived netizens with goldfish attention, it’s tough creating content that goes viral. Most viral content comes with an inexplicable element of luck and timing, but with strategy and attention to detail, a content … Read more

Write great blog posts faster

8 Fine Steps to Write Great Blog Posts Faster

Content writing is not a walk in the park when it comes to blogging. Many people start blogging thinking they have a calling to share their ideas through writing.  Only to realize it’s the most challenging part of blogging. The need to write consistently for you to be successful makes some want to pull their … Read more

Dictate posts instead of writing

10 Fine Reasons You Should Dictate Posts Instead of Writing

Sometimes, systems fail us.  Then it gets evident that there needs to be a different way of doing things.  And I’ve realized this with how we create content.  We type articles. We have been taught to increase our typing speeds to be more productive in writing.  And typing is not an exciting experience for most … Read more

Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make

Let’s get straight to the point.  So you’ve just started blogging.  And you’re not sure what you need to do as a new blogger to join the ranks of the best bloggers in the world, such as Neil Patel and Brian Dean of Backlinko.  You can see that these guys have established themselves and brands … Read more