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cost to start a blog

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

How much does it cost to start a blog; question that many aspiring bloggers have. And it’s hard to get reliable information on the internet on the best way forward.  So let’s get straight to the point.  Depending on your goals and the type of blog you want to start, a blog will cost around … Read more

fear of criticism

How Writers can Overcome the Fear of Criticism

Why is it scary to write and publish content?  I have been writing for the last five years, on and off, and until today, I still struggle with a fear of writing and publishing content.  I understand that many people outside here have the challenge of even producing one content piece in a month.  They … Read more

know like trust

How to Implement Know Like Trust in Content Marketing

Content marketing is a business, and business is personal.  People want to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Since the beginning, we’ve considered these three factors whenever we transact. People don’t buy from people they don’t know, nor do they buy from people they don’t like. Why would they? And most significantly, … Read more

Creativity in content writing

5 Practical Tips to Instantly Spark Creativity in Content Writing

Creativity is something that everyone has. It’s a natural tendency.  That’s why when confronted with new challenges and experiences, we always find ways to solve and cope with them.  Yet sometimes our creativity fails to show up, especially when we need it, due to getting bored and discouraged with work.  Our brains function like muscles; … Read more

soft skills for digital marketers

5 Essential Soft Skills Digital Marketers Need to Succeed

The digital marketing landscape is very competitive.  Businesses spend millions of dollars and use secret techniques and tools to get the upper hand against their competitors.  But many people don’t see the inherent importance of employing the right people with the right skills and experience to provide the best outcome for their marketing campaigns.  I’m … Read more

content marketing quality vs quantity

In Content Marketing, Quantity Matters Way Above Quality.

Yeah, you read that right.  Contrary to what most people believe, quantity matters more than quality.  But let’s get things into perspective.  High quality work is essential. In fact, the phrase content is king fits the quality narrative.  It attracts attention, brings in the links and traffic, builds your authority and makes you an expert … Read more

tips of writing headlines

10 Tips of Writing Headlines That Knock Out your Competitors

Don’t judge a book by its covers.  That’s a common thing that normally tells people to focus more on the content rather than on the package.  But in the content marketing world, this phrase doesn’t work.  On the internet the packaging matters. It determines whether you get attention or not.  And in that aspect, headlines … Read more

Steps to Write a Blog Post

The 10 Steps to Write a Blog Post that Stands Out

Guess what you have been doing it all wrong.  If your blogging process has been sitting down researching, writing and editing at the same time, publishing content and sharing on social media just for one minute, then you have been doing it all wrong. Writing content and publishing great content is not as easy as … Read more

blogging productivity

3 Surefire Strategies to Improve Blogging Productivity

Success in blogging requires a simple principle that applies everywhere. And that’s working smart.  Working smart involves directing most effort into the strategies and how you use your time. It is more concerned about the quality of work that you produce, rather than the number of blog posts you publish. This means, strategies and systems … Read more