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Content Marketing vs Inbound marketing

Content Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Content marketing and inbound marketing are terms people in the digital space throw around very often. Yet most people don’t know to distinguish the two. They are very much related, and some experts even claim they serve the same purposes. But if studied on a deeper level, we find some fundamentally unique strategies, methods, and … Read more

20 Online Content Writing Jobs with Regular Payouts

If you are a freelance writer, one of the questions that will top your mind when applying at a freelance platform is When will I get paid? Freelancing is all about that. It’s different from the traditional job system where you get paid at the end of the month. With freelancing, you live from hand … Read more

Headline tips for content marketers

9 Headline Tips from Buzzsumo 100 Million Posts Research

Buzzsumo recently conducted a study on 100 million blog headlines to discover what it takes to create blog titles that pull engagements in social media; Facebook and Twitter. Here is what we can pick up from the study. These headline tips can be very instrumental for content marketers, both copywriters and content writers. 1. Emotional … Read more

copywriting vs content writing

Content Writing vs Copywriting; Similarities and Differences

With the growth of online marketing, the differences of content writing vs copywriting have become blurred. Both disciplines require almost the same skillset making it hard to decide what to implement in your marketing strategy. So which is which? The most significant difference between the two is based on their objectives. Content writing is intended … Read more

how to Transcribe Voice Recording to Text

How to Transcribe Voice Recording to Text For Free

In this post, I’ll show you how to transcribe voice recording to text for free. I have been creating content using speech. Thus I needed good transcription software; highly efficient and easy to use, to transcribe text from audio files. It’s a faster way of content creation and a means to mastering my niche. And … Read more