essential wordpress plugins

11 Most Essential WordPress Plugins Every Site Needs

You need a smoothly functioning website to succeed as a blogger. This means it has all the essential features to improve a reader’s experience and tools to deal with the challenges of having a site. Ideally, to have such a site must be expensive considering it needs to be well designed, have forms for collecting … Read more

ai in marketing statistics

35+ Top AI in Marketing Statistics in 2022

When the internet boomed in the mid-90s, businesses faced a challenging predicament. If they failed to embrace it, they’d miss its competitive advantage. Yet, it was a risk and no profitable returns were guaranteed. However, with time, the daily applications of the internet grew making it an indispensable tool for businesses. Today, we face the … Read more

free ai content generator

9 Best Free AI Content Generators for Content Marketers

In need of a free AI content generator? Content creation is tedious. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing; it’s exhausting, especially if you haven’t built an effective writing process. The challenge is more real for bloggers and small enterprises with limited time and resources to create high-quality content consistently. You either spend an … Read more