5 Practical Tips to Instantly Spark Creativity in Content Writing


Creativity is something that everyone has. It’s a natural tendency. 

That’s why when confronted with new challenges and experiences, we always find ways to solve and cope with them. 

Yet sometimes our creativity fails to show up, especially when we need it, due to getting bored and discouraged with work. 

Our brains function like muscles; the more you put them into work, the better they become, and thus, the more creative you become. 

To get your creative juices flowing, you need to embrace challenges every day that gets you out of your comfort zone. 

You need to interact with new people, read content that challenges your ideas, and share your ideas with other people to get a response and refine your thoughts. 

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new and find or create better ways to look at life. 

Yet, these activities can be hard to practice every day, especially if you’re a blogger or a content writer who spends most of the time on your desk or an introvert who enjoys your space and privacy.

Luckily there are other practical activities that you can undertake which will help you to avoid the creativity-destroying rut,

They will help you revive you creativity in content writing.

1. Overdoing. 

Living in moderate mode gets boring. It’s a comfort zone that dwindles your creativity. 

Why not go crazy with your work. For instance, overwrite.

Use a phrase that is too flowery or throw in some fancy vocabulary. 

I know content marketing is all about selling a story in the simplest form possible. But that can get boring. 

Sometimes, it wouldn’t be constructive to jog the minds of your readers. 

Throw in something they don’t expect, something that’s engaging. 

After all, if it doesn’t look good, you can always tone it down. But you rarely have to do that. 

Also, you can play around with the colors of your graphics and website.

A brand needs three or four primary colors. 

But in the early stages of a brand growth or content marketing campaign, you can play around with colors, use extreme colors and see how it goes. 

This breaks the monotony and puts you into new grounds giving you an experience similar to interacting with new people. 

2. Stealing 

I know that doesn’t sound very nice. 

Maybe I should have used the words imitate, or do that also sound like mediocre advice? 

Trust me; it’s not. I’m not telling you to go and plagiarize content from other websites. Nothing can be further from the truth. 

But since you are a content writer, you ought to be an avid reader. If you’re not, then it’s high time to get started. 

So while reading a lot of content, you encounter some inspirational ideas, phrases, writing styles. Why not imitate these ideas?

Pick a subject of your own and use the inspiration devices you encountered to spice up your writing. 

First, you’ll get unstuck and learn something new in the process. Your writing will become more varied and multi-dimensional. 

And the chances are that nobody will notice your left. 

3. Memorize something. 

Have you ever read something and loved a quote by the writer or watched a movie and involuntarily mastered the words of a villain or a star actor? 

I’ll be back! Do you recognize those words? 

The famous quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. 

You could use those words in your writing and connect with a reader who relates to that content. It’s an instant hook. 

While reading, find words that you like, lyrics, beautiful pieces of prose, speeches, and memorize them. 

With the words deeply ingrained in your brain, you’ll find them cropping up in your writing in ways that you could never have imagined. 

Making your writing interesting and captivating

4. Read contradicting content

Given a choice to change our minds or prove that our beliefs are true, humans will be more inclined to go for the latter. 

We have a deep desire to belong to a herd, more profound than the openness to accept new truths and ideas. 

While this is in human nature, it can affect our creativity because it confines us in a box mentality and keeps us away from new or different perspectives. 

This is why you need to study content that contradicts your ideas; that makes you uncomfortable. 

Such content will expose you to new paradigms of thought. 

As you struggle to dispute or cope with it, you invent new ideas and create creative thoughts.

With time, your thoughts will be more refined. 

And the new perspectives acquired will help you be more creative in your content production process.

5. Thinking

Sometimes we find it hard to generate ideas because we don’t take time to think.

Why is it hard to remove all distractions, get a piece of paper and pen, sit down, focus, and start writing our thoughts?

Just like meditation, Brainstorming significantly impacts our creativity. 

It combines a relaxed, informal approach to problem-solving with lateral thinking to bring out ideas that can seem crazy at first, but with time these thoughts can be crafted into creative solutions to our problems. 

So how about spending about 15 minutes every day writing the thoughts that come to you. 

If you combine this with mind mapping, you integrate creativity and technicality in your brainstorming process, which improves your creativity memory and retention. 


Creativity is a metaphorical muscle; to get better, keep practicing.

Practice correctly to induce the growth of creativity correctly. For instance, if you expose yourself to harmful or radical content, you’ll corrupt your creativity, 

Practice multi-dimensionally to avoid getting worn out by repetitions which make your practicals dull and uninspiring. 

Also, remember to write for yourself, not just for others. When writing for yourself, you are free from bias. 

Content marketing requires bias to serve your readers right 

Get creative

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