9 Best Free AI Content Generators for Content Marketers


In need of a free AI content generator?

Content creation is tedious. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing; it’s exhausting, especially if you haven’t built an effective writing process.

The challenge is more real for bloggers and small enterprises with limited time and resources to create high-quality content consistently.

You either spend an entire day working on one article or pay professional writers top dollar to create good content. Meanwhile, your competitors are busy publishing more content in a day than you can in a week.

You can’t compete with them.

If you are short on budget and wish to produce content faster, it’s time to consider AI content generators.

Although the best content generators offer premium services, some have free packages which can quickly help you generate ideas, finish sentences, summarise paragraphs and make your phrases concise.

I came across these fantastic free AI content generators in my research and thought to enlighten you.


Best Free AI Content Generators

1. Simplified.co

Simplified free ai content generator

Simplified is an all-in-one marketing design platform where digital marketers can effortlessly create content, brand assets, and videos. It is designed with automation in mind, integrated with popular productivity apps, and powered with team collaboration tools.

Its AI content generation feature helps you write marketing copy for Google Ads, social media ads, product descriptions, and over 30 other types of copy. You can also create long, informative, and compelling blog posts at the click of a button.

Simplified offers a free package that allows you to use the AI writer to create over 5,000 words of copy monthly. You also have access to 30+ AI copywriting templates and unlimited access to digital assets.

2. Writesonic.com

Writersonic free ai content generator

WriteSonic is a reputable AI writing assistant that makes copywriting and content creation easier for digital marketers. It can generate excellent human-standard copy, blog posts, emails, product descriptions, landing pages, press releases, YouTube video content, among others.

Writersonic has been trained to generate copy that converts through creating content for top brands. It’s most suited for marketing teams, agencies, and eCommerce brands needing a platform that expedites copy and content writing processes.

It comes with a free package with all features present, 10 credits for content generation, and it’s available in 25 languages, including English, French, and Spanish.  

3. Sassbook.com

sassbook free ai content generator

Sassbook functions as both an AI content generator and text summarizer. It helps writers, journalists, students, and marketers to beat writer’s block, get out the right words, and automate content workflows.

Sassbook offers free access to its content generator. To use it, input your primary keyword or topic and a 15-30-word prompt that gives it context. The free package configuration allows you to generate two 50-words paragraphs of balanced creativity.

If you need a tool for quick ideas when you’re stuck while writing, try Sassbook. However, to generate long, high-quality content variations, you’ll have to upgrade.

4. Zyro.com

zyro free ai content generator

Zyro is a powerful content management system where you can build a fully functional website as fast as you set up a social media profile. Why?

Besides web building capabilities, the tool has an AI content generation tool to help you populate your site with compelling marketing copy and articles which would take copywriters weeks to create.

Zyro’s free AI content generator is tailored to produce SEO-friendly content for new websites and online stores. You can start by selecting a niche and then generating marketing copy, or you can start with a short prompt and let the tool create content for you.

Upon giving Zyro a trial, I was more impressed by content from niche selection than that generated from a prompt.

5. SEO Content Machine

seo content machine free ai content generator

Are you deep into link building?

If so, the SEO content machine is the perfect time-saving tool you need. It is a cross-platform tool that allows you to create SEO content in a fraction of the time you usually need.

Using this tool, you can cater to your content needs for PBNs, submission sites, and guest blogging opportunities. It offers a free trial package where you download and install it on any device before using it.

SEO content machine creates unique content that is almost acceptable for publication. It requires a little tweaking to eliminate signs of computer-generated content which can result in sites being penalized by search engines.

6. ContentBot.ai

contentbot free ai content generator

Content Bot is perfect for marketers, copywriters, SEOs, and bloggers who want to upgrade their content marketing efforts.

If you are facing imminent writer’s block, it will generate ideas for you. If you need SEO-friendly content, it will do most of the heavy lifting in optimization.

With Contentbot, you can generate 2000 word blog posts in less than 30 minutes, significantly faster than the average time it takes to write a long article. It comes with a WordPress plugin and Chrome extension for bloggers and Google Docs users, respectively.

Content Bot has a free Junior AI writer account that allows you to produce 250 pieces of original content per month and two 1500-word articles.

7. Smart Copy

snazzy free ai content generator

Unbounce recently acquired Snazzy.Ai and rebranded it to Smart Copy. It is a content generation tool for brands that strive to create volumes of valuable content. It targets Content teams, startups, agencies, and large enterprises that want to streamline content creation.

It can generate Google Ads, landing pages, tag lines, product descriptions, sales emails, blog ideas, Facebook Ads, and other forms of marketing copy.

Smart Copy comes with a freemium package. Once you create an account, you can access all templates and tools. You’ll have 5 credits per day for content generation. 

This allocation is generous enough for bloggers and small enterprises to build initial marketing campaigns for your brand.

8. Wordtune.com

wordtune free ai content generator

Wordtune is a unique content generator that uses AI to understand the context and semantics of written text for rewriting purposes. Whenever you have little confidence in your writing, Wordtune will tune your phrases into powerful and professional sentences.

You can make sentences casual or formal to serve different audiences. You can summarize long paragraphs into short on-point sentences or expand short sentences into comprehensive paragraphs.

Wordtune has a freemium version accessible through creating an account. However, you can only rewrite 20 sentences a day while on the free version. To use it, you have to install the stand-alone editor or Chrome extension on your computer

9. Smodin.io

smodin free ai content writer

Smodin writer is a free AI content generator that completes your sentences when you get stuck. Whether you’re writing blog articles, essay assignments, or marketing copy; this tool can generate content based on your initial sentences, making your writing more manageable.

I gave it a try, starting with a few sentences to provide context, and waited for a few seconds. Smodin generated a couple of follow-up sentences in line with my original ideas. However, the content was not as good as that produced by premium tools.

It spit aggregated and rewritten content from Google’s top results of primary keywords searches. Nevertheless, the content is original and good enough for non-money-sites.


Those are some of the best free AI content generators that could improve your content creation. However, you should not solely depend on them.

AI content creation technology still can’t produce self-sufficient, human standard, SEO-friendly content. Most free AI content generators will deliver copy that’s significantly inferior to content from premium generators.

Always review AI content before using it as marketing copy or web content. Eliminate grammatical errors and prose mistakes to keep your content safe from search engine flagging and make it personalized and engaging to capture readers’ attention.

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