How Conversational AI Can Help Brands Grow.


We’re in the third year of the global pandemic, and more than ever, customers expect firms to be more compassionate. It’s no surprise that brands have become more sensitive to shifting consumer preferences.

Many B2C firms are investing in personalization tech to improve customer experience, but doing so at scale with millions of people is quite challenging.

But Coversational AI technology is helping brands solve this predicament. They have become adept at delivering an omnichannel experience that’s cohesive.

As such, brands can create natural, human-like experiences for consumers to connect with at any time and from any location. For instance, they can employ tailored profiles to quickly access consumer details and monitor preferences.

Why do businesses need bots?

Today, brands can communicate with customers and understand them properly with conversational AI-enabled virtual assistants, with little to no human intervention. Virtual assistants detect pain areas and propose solutions in seconds using data-driven profiles created for each user.

These assistants also continuously enhance their effectiveness and get better at learning from previous customer experiences with the company, through past purchases, wish lists, and questions.

Conversational AI is altering enterprises in a variety of areas.

A digital-first approach to conversational AI in the banking, finance, and insurance industries may help businesses use the potential of personalized messaging to offer better support experiences, which in turn create brand loyalty and more revenue.

AI enables automation of account setup, upgrades, promotions, FAQs, and transactions, as well as suggesting financial products most suited to the consumer’s profile.

Ideally, customers demand advice when finding the right products during online shopping. With smart suggestions based on preferences – across touchpoints throughout the buying process can be made extremely smooth.

For instance, Tata CliQ a  lifestyle digital commerce firm achieved a 10x improvement in ROI by providing targeted messages and offers to more clients through WhatsApp. They reached half a million dollars in sales in one month. 

Meanwhile, virtual assistants in the healthcare industry may help consumers with 24/7 tailored support, appointment booking and rescheduling, FAQs, medication reminders, and other repetitive tasks. These services can be tailored to each patient, to provide personalized solutions to individual issues.

Social media platforms can be used by healthcare practitioners to convey crucial medical updates and deliver individualized care to patients through their phones.

Conversational AI is enabling modern businesses grow.

Modern enterprises from sectors are turning to conversational interaction technology to grow and develop faster.

Consider Doubtnut, an EdTech platform that helps students enhance their understanding of STEM disciplines. Previously, students had to upload images of their queries to Doubtnut’s website or mobile app.

Upon changing the processes, students may now communicate problems through WhatsApp and get access to videos with solutions in their chosen language in 10 seconds, thanks to a clever WhatsApp chatbot.

Today, Doubtnut’s daily users have grown by 224%, and they have realized a 95% customer satisfaction rate. In addition, Doubtnut’s tutor-student engagement rate increased by 260%.

By automating consumer interaction processes in sales and support services, thus meeting rising customer demands, technology is empowering businesses in the acquisition and retention of customers.

Wrapping up

For real-time issue handling and assistance, more customers are seeking direct messaging and interaction with companies. They want to buy from companies that offer highly tailored recommendations and ideas.

Conversational AI is assisting companies in democratizing customer experiences via hyper-personalization, deeper interactivity, and more accessibility.

So, are you prepared for the future with a advanced Conversational AI  tool to empower yout business?

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