20 Online Content Writing Jobs with Regular Payouts


If you are a freelance writer, one of the questions that will top your mind when applying at a freelance platform is

When will I get paid?

Freelancing is all about that. It’s different from the traditional job system where you get paid at the end of the month.

With freelancing, you live from hand to mouth, and nothing excites more than timely payments.

So in this article, well find out online content writing jobs with regular payments.

In my research that led to this list, it was hard to come by platforms paying daily. I found only one, and that’s what I’ll start with.

1. Clearvoice

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Content Marketing Platform + Talent Network.png

Founded in 2014, Cleavoice is an industry leader in sourcing content creators’ talent and pairing them with brands, companies and individuals.

As a client, Cleavoice takes over your content creation part and allocates it to a network of dedicated freelancers; they call it ‘teamlancing.’

To be a writer, you are vetted before you get accepted, but it doesn’t end there.

You need to build a personal brand and portfolio through the platform, consistently write great articles and climb up the rating ladder to earn well.

Clearvoice is one of the rare platforms which pays its writers immediately after their jobs are approved. This means payment can be made daily.

2. Writer Access

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Hire Freelance Writers, Content Strategists, Translators, More - WriterAccess.png

Writer Access is an AI-powered freelance job board with a lard pool of writers, editors, translators, among other professionals.

What sets it apart is Artificial intelligence which offers insights on popular content on the internet and tools that optimize content for search engines and users.

Content creators are well connected with their clients and the staff to ensure fluency in operations and promote productivity.

With writers earning from 1.13 cents per word to 4.6 cents per word, it offers good payouts, remitted every two weeks.

3. Problogger Job Board

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Jobs - ProBlogger Jobs.png

Problogger teaches bloggers how to create content that converts.

Darren Rowse transformed it into a resourceful blog with everything a blogger needs to turn their blogging business into a success, and the basis of it all is creating great content.

He launched the Problogger Job Board following his success as a content writer.

Only the best writers with high-quality content are accepted.

Which explains why it pays very well. Fulltime writers earn between $45,000 and $90,000.

Payments are made monthly.

4. TextBroker

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Content and article writing services Textbroker.png TextBroker is a content and article writing platform that focuses on translation services.

The platform leverages its large pool of verified US writers to create content that is both captivating and engaging to appease internet surfers and promote brand awareness for its clients globally.

As a writer, your content is rated between 2 and 5 stars, and you are paid accordingly from 0.7 cents per word for a 2/5 writer to 5 cents per word for a 5/5 writer.

As a TextBroker writer, expect to be paid weekly on Friday.

5. Constant Content

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Buy Unique Articles Website Content Constant Content.png

Constant content curates high-quality, unique content from a pool of over 100,000 writers from around the world.

One of the largest and most recognized content mills with clients ranging from big brands to small businesses and individuals such as bloggers.

It has a serious and long review process where only writers who can demonstrate good writing skills and have excellent content samples get in.

Writers are allowed to quote their price, and the platform pays 65% of the quote, taking the rest. Payouts are made monthly in the first week. One must meet the minimum threshold of $5 to get paid, which is done through PayPal.

6. Content Authority

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 The Content Authority.png

Content Authority describes itself as a young, dynamic company from Pittsburgh whose mission is to supply existing businesses with relevant content that promotes brand awareness and attracts customers to their businesses.

It hires writers worldwide, some of whom have commended the friendly management system they have and their dedication to serving writers and clients well.

Although pay can be low sometimes, highly rated writers can earn as much as $15 per hour.

Writers are paid each Monday, based on all approved articles received into the system by 12:01 am on that same day.

A minimum of $25.00 worth of approved orders is required.

7. Crowd Content

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 High-Quality Content Writing Services Crowd Content.png

Crowd Content connects companies, agencies and brands with web content creators to execute their content marketing strategies.

It’s a content marketplace with more than 6,000 writers.

It also has an enterprise content service where expert writers sourced from its marketplace freelancers write content that consistently delivers results for high-paying brands.

Only writers from countries where English is a native language are accepted on the platform.

Payments are made twice weekly, which is more frequent than most freelance platforms.

8. Writers Department

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Writers Department Online Freelance Writing Jobs For Academics.png

Writers Department is a writer-focus freelance platform that seeks to provide a dependable source of income for writers and researchers while providing high-quality articles for its clients.

It boasts an abundance of orders from its large pool of global clients, flexible working schedules for writers and reasonable pay for great writers, amounting up to $15 per double-spaced page with standard writing formats.

Besides content writing services, it also offers technical writing and works for college students. Payments are made twice every month.

9. Express Writers

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Express Writers.png

Julia McCoy founded Express Writers in 2011 to be an all-in-one content writing solution for marketers, brands and agencies.

As an expert in the content writing field, she built a reputable platform that only works with the best writers who can deliver excellent content.

Such include copywriters with years of experience, social media marketers, graphic designers, and professional copy editors.

It has attracted high-paying clients, which explains its enviable payout of between $15 and $30 per hour.

Writers are paid monthly.

10. PayPerContent

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Online Content Writing Jobs for Freelance Writers PayPerContent.png

Pay Per content offers a blog posting program for bloggers to access content that meets their niche.

It has writers from every continent based on its hiring system where those that portray skill, versatility and creativity are accepted.

Once you join the team, you’re offered editorial guidance, reasonable compensation and an opportunity to write as much as you can. The more productive you are, the more you earn.

Also, editors are always in place to review your work and offer insight into what you can do to improve your writing.

Payments are made twice a month on the 15th and 30th.

11. EZdia

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Content Writing Services for Online Shopping Websites eZdia.png

EZdia is a content writing agency focused on eCommerce sites.

It implements a competitive content strategy designed to intersect a buyer’s experience, guide them into making purchases online with confidence.

Such content includes product descriptions, reviews, images, keywords and any eCommerce content meant to acquire, engage and convert traffic into customers.

To join EZdia writing team, you’ll be subjected to a rigorous process that sieves applications to acquire the best only.

Writers are paid weekly during the first two weeks, and then it’s switched to monthly payments.

12. Contently

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Content Marketing Platform and Expert Content Creators Contently.png

Contently is an industry leader in the content marketing industry. It connects brands with expert storytellers to promote brand awareness in the most intimate manner.

Its unique selling point is the customizable workflow system it provides both clients and its writers.

It has over 160,000 freelances from everywhere doing all sorts of content creation gigs from writing, film, graphic design and much more.

Contently has also invested in courses that empower freelances to get better.

It has a highly selective system ensuring experts and good storytellers get the most compensation.

On average, Contently pays the highest rates in the market monthly for orders of the previous months.

13. Articlez.com

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Hire a Writer, Content Writing Services - Articlez com.png

Articlez is a high-quality content writing agency that delivers content for over 20,000 individuals and businesses every month.

It majors on press releases and content distribution services to create the most buzz for brands and tell stories that captivate customers.

Its writers are all Native Americans, a bummer for international writers, but its highly selective recruitment system ensures excellent content and satisfactory results for clients.

Payments are made monthly.

14. Word Agents

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Premium SEO Content Writing Services WordAgents.png

Word Agents specializes in SEO content, and just like Articlez, its writers are all Native American.

It hires over 400 writers to consistently produce content for clients who range from bloggers to brands to agencies.

It majors on several content types, including Blog Posts, Link Building Content, How-To Articles, Pillar Content, SEO Affiliate Content, Listicles and Press Releases.

Each writer is expected to produce 5000 words of content weekly to meet the various monthly packages clients pay to get a good flow of articles.

They are also paid from $0.03 per word weekly through PayPal

15. Textun

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Content Writing Services by Native English Writers Textun.png

Textun employs a wide variety of native US and UK English-speaking writers to produce individually customized content designed to meet specific clients’ needs at affordable prices.

It specializes in SEO articles, blog posts, website content, product descriptions, reviews with a single goal of attracting as much traffic as possible from Search engines.

To be a writer with Textun, you must exhibit high standard SEO skills and write as often as possible to meet the many orders placed on the platform.

Standard writers are paid $0.035, while premium writers get $0.045 per word monthly.

16. Skyword

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Skyword The Content Marketing Company.png

Skyword is a content creation company focusing on telling authentic stories that establish trust and build long-lasting relationships between clients and customers.

It has been around for a while and is reputable for the high-quality content it produces.

It has a good pool of wordsmiths whose profiles are reviewed in detail before being accepted into the team.

Courtesy of high-paying clients ranging from top brands and agencies, Skyword compensates its writers handsomely as much as $250 per article.

Payments are made twice a month on 1st and 15th through PayPal.

17. Iwriter

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 iWriter Content Article Writing Service - Buy Articles.png

Iwriter is a popular content writing platform preferred by many freelancers due to its unique system. It offers writers an opportunity to grow their writing skills while getting paid for the work they do.

You start with simple writing tasks such as product reviews and progress to research articles and more technical content after proving your skills.

One can build their client base while building a good reputation and earn as much as $80 per 500 words.

Writers are paid weekly on Tuesdays for earnings through Monday of the previous week.

For example, if you made $40 on Saturday, the payment will be made in 10 days, a week from the following Tuesday.

18. Scripted

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Copywriters and Freelance Writers for Hire Scripted.png

Only 2% of applicants are accepted by Scripted, another content marketing industry leader. The platform focuses on creating content that converts.

It, therefore, hires writers with technical skills in SEO, Copywriting and Content writing.

It has inbuilt content management tools for clients to manage their content creation processes and collaborate with freelancers.

Scripted pays its writers an average of $0.10 per word, but they later control how much they want to charge clients. Payments are made twice a month, 15 days after a job is approved.

19. Text Master

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Online Translation - Translation Services - TextMaster.png

Text Master is an online translation service serving clients globally. It has a strict recruitment process in which native language speakers are favored over ESL speakers.

Also, project managers from a network of expert translators are allocated to supervise translators and ensure client satisfaction, a process that helps it keep 98% of its clients.

Also, Text Master offers professional proofreading and content writing services such as web, branded, fashion, eCommerce, SEO content writing

Text Master occasionally has job openings where content translators can apply, but these are somewhat limited.

If you’re lucky to join the team, you’ll enjoy excellent compensation, which is remitted twice a month through either Payoneer or PayPal upon reaching the $70 threshold.

20. Text Workers

C:\Users\User\Desktop\tinified\Screenshot_2021-04-20 Content Writing Services US Content Writers Textworkers.png

Text Workers hires qualified copywriters with a specialty in SEO content writing and who originate from the USA.

A minimum of 5 years of experience is required for any writer to apply before they undergo the rigorous vetting process to select only the best lot.

Text Workers allocate a group of writers to work together on a single project under an account manager who ensures quality and workflow by subjecting works into regular quality checks.

Payments are made monthly.


As you notice, most content mills pay either once or twice a month. This system is beneficial to both the agencies and the clients since it allows time to process payouts and review articles, respectively.

On the flipside, freelancers are forced to wait a little longer before they get paid. This can be both a con and a pro.

Con because you have to wait and most people don’t like waiting.

Pro because the money comes in periodically, which allows you to plan your finances.

Either way, it is necessary to know how regularly a content writing platform pays writers before joining to know what works for you.

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