Originality AI Review: Plagiarism and AI-Generated Content Detector


With numerous AI models being launched and countless AI content generation tools flooding the market, some people would have thought writers are about to get replaced. 

But then, no sooner had this new technology disrupted the industry than the critical importance of original human-curated content become clear. 

And the launch of Originality.AI best demonstrates this development. 

What is Originality AI?

Originality.AI is a tool created by a team of content marketing and AI experts, to help publishers identify AI-generated content. It also doubles as a plagiarism detector. 

Google is against content that’s plagiarized or generated programmatically without producing anything original or of added value. Therefore, any publisher who posts solely AI-generated content will have a tough time getting traffic since sites with original and more valuable content will be prioritized. 

That’s why Originality.AI came about. 

Who is Originality.AI good for?

  • Writers to ensure content written with the help of AI tools meets clients’ originality standards or audience needs.
  • Publishers to publish content that’s not plagiarized or auto-generated using AI tools
  • Marketing Agencies to ensure their writers create original content for clients 
  • Website Buyers to check if a site’s content is original before investing

How does Originality AI Work?

As a plagiarism detection tool, it scans your content for similarities of texts across the internet. It crawls a constantly updating database of billions of web pages and other publicly accessible files. If you’re familiar with Copyscape, it works in a similar way.

As an AI-generated content detector, it has been trained to predict when text has been created by popular AI models including GPT-2, GPT-NEO, GPT-J, GPT 3, and the latest ChatGPT. It provides a score from 0%-100% on the chance that content is AI generated (1% AI means its 99% original and vice versa). Its success rate has been shown to be 94%+ accurate on 50+ words.

Originality.AI features 

I’ve personally taken Originality.AI through tests to check whether every feature works well or is as useful as a chocolate teapot. Here’s a breakdown. 

1. Plagiarism detector

This is the foundational feature of the tool. Simply paste content from wherever and click on Scan Now. It crawls through every page indexed by Google to identify any similarities. 

I took all the text of this article before this sentence and checked for plagiarism, and this is what I got. 

As for the introduction of an article I wrote on my first blog, it detected 100% plagiarism. 

However, I did an extra test using an article I had published more recently in an unknown and less indexed website and it couldn’t detect any plagiarism. This is the same case I had with Copyscape, a relatively more established competitor. 

So, It’s fair to say Originality.AI detects plagiarism well for content from sources that are well-indexed by Google. 

2. AI-generated Content Detector

This is the feature that sets this tool apart from all the rest. Paste any content here and it will tell you whether it was AI-generated or original. At least 94% of the time!

I pasted the introduction of an article I had written about conversational AI and tested it. This is what I got. 

Then I generated a 250-word article on the most useless invention ever from ChatGPT. It identified the text as 100% AI-generated. 

Although Originality.AI is currently still in beta, it’s already delivering well as an AI-generated content detector. The technology can only get better with time as it gets more training. 

3. Team Collaboration System 

Originality AI allows you to add your team of writers or editors into one account to make use of credits and more importantly, easily keep track of the originality of all content by the team. 

You can invite an unlimited number of team members under 3 roles. 

  • Content Editor- Can run and view content scans 
  • Website Manager – Can add or remove websites and run full website scans (upcoming feature)
  • Admin – Can manage payment methods, run scans and invite users. 

With this feature, you can ensure that all content in your content marketing campaign meets the high quality and originality standards needed to rank well. 

4. API Access

If you’re thinking of using Originality AI to create your own applications, API access lets you integrate it into other software. All you need is to generate an API Key, create a header key, and use your API key as the value in your application of choice. With that, you can start making requests directly from your application.

Currently, the maximum number of requests you can make in a minute is 100. If you want your limit increased, you can request the company directly through their email.

5. Full Site Scan 

If you’re investing in a website, you’ll want to ensure the content is both high quality and original. To do this, you’ll need to check each page individually, a repetitive, tiresome, and costly process for anyone. 

However, this Originality.AI feature enables you to scan a website to detect plagiarism and AI-generated content. It helps website buyers check the originality of a website before making any decisions.

6. Affiliate Program

Yes, Originality.AI has one of the best affiliate programs in the market which is managed by LinkMink Affiliate tracking and management software. You are given a unique referral link that allows you to earn a recurring 25% of each payment Originality.AI receives from a customer you successfully refer to use the tool. 

The link has a 90 Day cookie duration. I’m not sure how this will be affected as we approach a cookieless internet. You can also create a referral link to any page of the website if need be. 

Originality.AI Plans and Pricing

If you’re wondering how much Originality.AI costs, its credits-based pricing model will wow you. It’s both simple and affordable. 

100 words = 1 credit = $0.01 from at least $20

That means you need at least $20 worth of credits, i.e 2000 credits to power the tool. You consume 1 credit for every 100 words you scan for plagiarism or AI-generated content. 

  • $20 = 2,000 credits = 200,000 words 
  • $50 = 5,000 credits = 500,000 words 
  • $100 = 10,000 credits = 1,000,000 words

Compared to other tools in the market, Originality.AI is one of the most affordable tool you can find. 

Originality.AI Pros and Cons


  • AI-Generated content detection
  • Adequate Plagiarism detection
  • Modern and easy-to-navigate interface
  • More affordable than competitors


  • Cannot detect content plagiarized from less-indexed, newer websites
  • Lacks detailed reports of particular sections plagiarized
  • Only supports English for now
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