I help technology businesses leverage content for massive growth.

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Disruptive Technology

If you thought building that innovative tech solution was the hard part, wait till you start explaining to normal people why they need it.

To say the least, you should package your words responsibly to resonate with them else you’ll not be signing enough leads to break even.

You need someone like me whose passion in tech innovations as wit in storytelling will help deliver the message effectively.

I combine deep research, powerful article structure and a sprinkle of explained tech jargon to create compelling content that makes customers out of readers.

Some of my favorite tech disciplines include artificial intelligence & machine learning, blockchain & cryptocurrency and cybersecurity.

SAAS Writing

Most of your website traffic might not be taking any action. Prospects discover you through search engines, social media, email among other channels.

Many bounce after consuming your content including people who are exactly like your current customers.

Why? Because your content isn’t optimized for conversion. That’s a bad fix to be in especially in a tough industry decorated with relentless competitors.

Customers are spoilt for choice, If you cant stand out, you’ve already lost the battle.

I use content to evoke profitable actions and silence the noise. Through conversion optimization, positive brand messaging and strategic emotional triggers, I get your product right up your prospect’s alley

Tech Tutorials

Are you looking for a writer who can create comprehensive tutorials for your readers?

Do you need effective guides which answer readers questions conclusively so they don’t have to check other SERPs results?

Would you also want to make use of technical tutorials to build relationships with readers and guide them down your sales funnel?

I am your guy! I write well researched tutorials with your target reader in mind using simple language and effective flow.

My guides are based on actual trials after which i break down the steps leaving no stone unturned. I strategically place call-to-action features to convert mere visitors into prospects.

As a bonus, I use illustrations to elaborate processes and such imagery can be effective conversions tools.

Web Technology

If your business is in the web technology industry and you need a writer to ramp up your content marketing efforts, you’re in the right place.

I have been engaging with web tech since 2014, building websites and customizing existing sites therefore accumulating considerable knowledge in the sector.

I can create expert level content for you business while leveraging my digital marketing skills to create more impact.

I’ll help you sell your services through tactfully employing emotional triggers throughout the content to compel your prospects to try out your services.

Hopefully, you’ll d what you do best; offer quality services, to ensure your customers stick around for long.

Together as a team we’ll deliver absolute value to customers and set up a great foundation for rapid growth of your business.

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